Hello, I’m Natalie.

Back in March of 2021, I was sliding my way through a lift line when I received a photo from my partner. It was a map of Southeast Asia with a 6 month + itinerary overlain. I took a quick peak, smiled at the thought, and put my phone away in my jacket as my brother called my attention back to the ski lift. I learned a few hours later that this was Dan’s way of telling me he had some big plans in mind, and it was not a flippant proposal. A few weeks later, I had looked into my company’s personal leave policy and was attempting to sort through how to financially survive without a job for a full year. It wasn’t even a question – I was going.

Saying goodbye to a stable job and comfortable lifestyle is pretty terrifying, even if you know it’s only temporary. But like so many of us, I’d been itching for a change, and this opportunity, sudden as it was, fit the bill for the sort of change I’d always imagined but never truly believed could be my reality. This was a chance I did not want to pass up.

Fast forward to March of 2022 – Dan started his solo portion of the journey. (Click here to see through his travel lens!) He wanted some time to adventure on his own, and I needed more time to get my work timeline, financial situation, and living logistics sorted out.

And now, the next leg begins! August of 2022 marks my arrival in New Delhi, where I meet Dan before making our way up to the northern regions of India. The plan is to spend at least a month traveling through the area, taking in the glory of the Himalayas. Give or take a few weeks before we make our way back south and fly to Southeast Asia. There, I hope to fill my belly with arguably my favorite food in the world – hopefully learning a few cooking techniques along the way – and bear witness to the beauty and nature of the region’s culture and landscape. To make matters wonderfully more excellent, Southeast Asia is home to some incredibly featured rock formations, which means I’ll be attempting to get my scrawny little arms up as many routes as possible.

Nat’s Eye View has been created as a space for me to document the images and stories to which my mind feels drawn to share, regarding my current journey (and hopefully more to come), taking anyone interested along for the ride. For more of the day-to-day, take a look at my instagram linked below.

Since the inception and socialization of this escapade, I’ve had many friends and peers ask “what are you looking to get out of this experience?” At times, I’ve felt somewhat self-conscious and unsure of how to respond. Although better formed, my response is still a scattering of professed goals or jumbled uncertainty, and it feels more personal than anything I know how to verbalize, lacking the clear intention I sometimes feel obligated to provide. However, as my response to that question will undoubtedly continue to evolve in ways I’ve yet to even conceptualize, I find myself going back to this simple thought: be present, Nat.

And with that, I’ll let my musings come to a close. Thanks for joining 🙂